Fully qualified fly fishing guides in Spain

Fly-fishing guides in Spain: Navarre, Aragon and Catalonia, and also in Andorre

I´ve never fished before with more knowledgeable, hard-working and enthusiastic fly-fishing guides

The Angling Report. (Miami, Florida, USA)

Fly fishing guides in Spain

“After having fished for ten years on guided trips all over Spain I would like to state that fishing with SALVELINUS because of your professional approach, is always a pleasure”

Marinus Heer (Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN)

Using Salvelinus’ expert guides means more opportunities to catch fish for our guests. Salvelinus fishing guides are all expert fly fishers and outdoorsmen. They are very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna, and love to share their knowledge with you.

Salvelinus fishing guides have a strong conservation ethic, and we are strict practitioners of catch and release fishing. If you want to improve your fishing skills, just ask your guide for help with casting, tactics, and fly patterns, and they will be happy to assist you.

Who are Iván Tarín and his guides?

Fly fishing guides in Spain

“SALVELINUS is without a doubt one of the best guide outfits my husband and I have had the pleasure of fishing with. Ivan and his guides are gracious hosts who know their rivers and know their fish”

S​imons Welter (Western North Carolina, USA)

“In my life the time with SALVELINUS is the most fantastic! They are the persons to fish with! They are very enjoyable people and they know where, when and how to fly fish along the extensive Pyrenees Mountains of northern Spain!“

Takumi TANAKA. (Akagawa, Osaka. JAPAN)

Ivan is a highly experienced and internationally renowned fly fisher who has fished these waters since 1988. He can take you to trophy fish and hotspots that only he knows. His experience goes back to 1992.

He really loves fishing; he guides 12 months a year! Ivan heads a first-rate team of fly fishing guides. Their easy-going friendly style of guiding really help the guests get the most out of his stay.


Everything was first class. You and your staff are to be congratulated for creating a great organization and experience. Thank you for your hospitality and guidance”.

Jere Ferguson. Bristol, USA

SALVELINUS Fly Fishing guides are there to help expert anglers, as well as improvers and beginners, the organization´s fly-fishing guides strive to ensure the angler´s trip is a success.

SALVELINUS has the following staff:

1 Head Guide and 4 Fly Fishing Guides. Each one has at least 15 years experience fly fishing in the Pyrenees waters and some have more than 25 years guiding experience in the Pyrenees.

Support staff: Chef and assisstants.

What Makes an Outstanding Guide?

“I have been fishing for thirty five years in Spain and I had never felt so understood by my hosts as when we fished with SALVELINUS guides a region new to me: The Pyrenees of Aragon”

Lorenzo Milà. (Madrid, SPAIN)

Guests seek out a guide for many reasons. Some want to fish all day long without seeing another angler. Some others want to catch a lot of fish. Other guests want to discover, learn and master a new technique. Some guests are bent on catching the trophy fish of a lifetime. A good guide must know what each angler is looking for and on the basis of the waters being fished, should personalize the programme.