Letter from the Director

Fishing with Salvelinus

Fishing trips with guarantees

Fishing trips with guarantees

I am convinced that I was destined to be a fishing guide! When I was 7 I asked for a fly rod even though no one in my family fished. I caught my very first trout on a fly when I was 11. No one taught me, I had no books no internet to help me. I just had to figure it out by myself.

At 15, I started to sell my hand tied flies to the different fly shops in the region and when I turned 18, I began working as a guide taking people to some of the remotest waters of northern Spain´s beautiful Pyrenees Mountains In 1999, I founded a guided fishing operation company called SALVELINUS. We fish and guide places others can only dream of, really remote places that other organizations just don´t get to. Apart from the Pyrenees, I also organize and guide exclusive adventures to some of the wildest areas of Patagonia as well as other great angling hot spots.

For me, being a guide is the key to a great fishing trip: investing time on the water with guests, explaining what is happening on the river, knowing where the fish are, helping guests learn or improve their techniques and making sure that safety on the river is a key of everything we do. If you are looking for a guided fishing trip, then let me help you; being a guide for me is much more than a job it is a life – long passion! Choose SALVELINUS for your next fishing adventure and you will be fishing in the right place at the right time and with the right guide.

Iván Tarín
Master Guides