Fly fishing courses in Europe, Spain

The different skills that make a good fly fisher

What I can say about the courses hosted by Salvelinus Fly Fishing School is that every time I go on one it helps me improve my fly fishing

Fernando Martinez. (Asturias, SPAIN)

Fly fishing courses in the Pyrenees

River and Stream Based Tuition

Tuition at SALVELINUS is the best way to learn the keys that will enable you to evolve from a solid base in the skills that go to make a good fly fishing angler.

  • Basic casting techniques
  • Appropriate equipment 
  • Basic techniques for surface and subsurface fly fishing
  • Entomology
  • Flies and fly tying

All these points are synthesized in order to offer the pupil the most essential geared to the practical application in streams and rivers.

Cursos de pesca a mosca

“SALVELINUS has spent many years getting their guides and instructors to analyse, study and share the most successful tips, tricks and techniques. Concentrating on the key techniques for Spanish streams and rivers so as to offer tuition that is valid for all levels in fly fishing”

SALVELINUS River School offers a structured programme of instruction covering fishing techniques as well as casting, entomology and trout habitat.

Different Programmes and Personalised Options

Whatever your aims, level of skill or experience SALVELINUS can offer you instruction 100% adaptable to your requirements.

You can choose between courses that last 1, 2, 3 or 5 days or select a personalised option of individual instruction.

Casting Classes

Improve your casting and achieve more and better catches through the appropriate techniques. Taught by instructors who spend many days on streams and rivers with anglers like yourself.

Our courses will enable you to correct mistakes and polish your skills so as to successfully take on any eventuality in streams or rivers and stillwaters

Courses: FlyTying

Fish with flies that you have personally tied. Learn the techniques used in tying in the flies that our guides use most.

Discovering from our instructors and fly tyers the secrets and techniques used to produce the most effective flies in real fishing situations will help you develop as a tyer and as an angler.

To tie a fly that will catch a fish is a skill that can soon be learnt in one of our elementary level courses.

Cursos de pesca a mosca

Fishing Camp for Youngsters

Help youngsters connect with nature and discover a sport.

SALVELINUS Fly Fishing School for Youngsters offers an option completely different to the traditional idea of fishing as a sedentary sport. It provides an active sport in daily contact with the streams, rivers and lakes of the Pyrenees of Spain.

One of the aims of SALVELINUS Fly Fishing School is to teach youngsters how to connect with nature where they can develop skills that will benefit catch and release fishing.


Courses for Fly Fishing Guides

This is perhaps the quickest way to become a professional fly fishing guide.

 SALVELINUS School for Guides will provide you with the necessary input so that you can get that essential first job as a professional guide.