Tuition Staff

Decades of professional experience teaching fly fishing

“We really enjoyed ourselves in the Pyrenees thanks to your magnificent organisation. Our guides were charming; patient with our low level of fishing skills, polite, excellent teachers and above all, they did the best so that we had a great time.”

Ana Figaredo Alvargonzález (Madrid,Spain)

fishing instructors

"Over 300 courses carried out in Spain since 1999 endorse our professional experience as fly fishing instructors."

Equipo de guías-instructores de pescaThe objectives of the team work carried out here in this fly fishing school established in the Pyrenees is to:

  • Develop fishing techniques which are effective on the water
  • Maximum practice of different techniques for different waters
  • Pool the data from the guides and instructors
  • Study essential concepts and communicate them effectively
  • Develop teaching techniques which facilitate enjoyable learning
  • Design courses that are practical
  • Personalise content to maximise pupil learning
  • Find stretches of water for pupils to successfully apply the techniques taught
  • Be aware of the fishing possibilities of more than 1500 miles of trout waters in the Pyrenees so as to teach the courses in the most appropriate place each month
  • Finally, communicate our attitude of respect towards nature

The SALVELINUS team of guides and instructors consists of:


The fly fishing guides and instructors at SALVELINUS are highly qualified members of the team headed by Iván Tarín. They not only spend many days on the water but also do their utmost to guarantee that you will learn how to fly fish.

Taking part in a course organised by SALVELINUS you will feel really at ease with instructors because they not only know their job but they are also calm and polite when it comes to teaching anglers and would be anglers of all kinds.

SALVELINUS instructors are more than happy when they observe how pupils improve daily as anglers.

“Experience instructing and organising fly fishing courses.”

The more courses you instruct on the more you learn how to instruct. Our fly fishing school has vast experience in organizing and teaching courses:

Guías de pescaMany pupils have attended courses at SALVELINUS from absolute beginners to competition anglers

Iván Tarín, director of SALVELINUS, who has taught on fly fishing courses since 1999 is the main instructor helped out by other team members.

The other two main instructors are: Alberto Bozal y Ramón Leciñena the latter with almost 40 years of instructing and guiding in the world of fly fishing

Other instructors –all highly experienced– are on call for specific areas of instruction

You can rest assured that you will learn and get the most out of the course if you attend any of the programmes that SALVELINUS organizes from March to November.

 Fly-Tying Centre

Curso de montaje de moscas de pesca

Javier Medrano, the instructor at the SALVELINUS Fly-Tying Centre, is one of the most renowned fly tiers in the Pyrenees. He started fly fishing and studying insect life in local waters at the end of the seventies. He has cooperated with SALVELINUS since 2001 and he is a constant inspiration to the other members of the team.

Javier used to work as a full time professional fly tier; however, he now spends a lot of his time passing on his expertise to other budding fly – tiers.

Just entering Javier´s house is quite something; from Pakistan there are hundreds of meters of spooled tying thread. There are also hundreds of boxes full of nymphs, dries and emergers, packs of dubbing – many made up with hair and fur obtained from a variety of pets! There are also entire drawers full of capes, necks and hackles of the renowned Coq de Leon, boxes of hooks, dyes, hundreds of spools just waiting for the exact thread and a vast quantity of really unconventional tying material. It takes your breath away!