Use course content in fishing

…I remember how my guide Iván calmly tied an streamer to his tippet and then handed me his rod …what I then remember vividly is a savage strike of the fish slamming into the streamer. You can imagine how the story ended! Perhaps the memory I most treasure is the hospitable atmosphere and how the team at SALVELINUS helped us enjoy fly fishing a different way

Joaquin Gonzalez Barba(Bilbao, Spain)

Methodology fishing courses

Personalised tuition.  Constant striving for quality, a maximum of 2 to 3 pupils per instructor”

The instructors at SALVELINUS know what, how, when and where to efficiently teach fly fishing

Instructors teach all the necessary techniques to enable you to fish with confidence whatever your level of aptitude.

Cursos de pesca en los PirineosApart from being an experienced fly – fisher a good instructor must also:

  • Enjoy teaching
  • Possess effective communication skills
  • Be patient and not give up easily
  • Have teaching experience

Learn in optimum conditions the keys that will enable you to evolve from a solid base while thoroughly enjoying your sessions confident in the expertise of the instructors at SALVELINUS.

The SALVELINUS methodology is based on transferring the programme contents to practical fishing applications and to maximise the benefits of the time spent.

“Don´t spend half your life learning something we can teach you in 2 to 3 days to do efficiently and which you can verify when fishing."

All the course content designed by SALVELINUS  function correctly in fishing

Cursos de pesca a mosca en los PirineosContents are based on the most essential of each aspect so as to be more efficient when fishing.

Theory is only applicable in a casting clinic with the usual grass surface to practise on. A river or a stream poses quite different conditions and it is essential to remember that fly-fishing is based on understanding the quarry and their habitat.

Professional Reputation

Over the years SALVELINUS has achieved an excellent reputation amongst anglers and other professionals in the sector due to the quality, high technical level, and outstanding instructors of the courses organized in the Pyrenees of Spain

The instructors are noted for their attention to those on the courses and the effort they put in. Anglers who come to SALVELINUS courses often point out how impressed they were by the courses.