Head Guide Ivan Tarin

Head guide and founder of SALVELINUS

I´m a handicapped angler and, even though I am aware of my limitations, I´ve always wanted to try out fly fishing. Iván showed me how to fish from a wheelchair! I must admit when I applied I was worried I would get a guide with a “couldn´t care less” attitude. How wrong I was! I learnt a lot, I fished a lot and I enjoyed being in places where I could fish from. I shall never forget the first trout I ever caught. It was dusk. The moment I knew the trout was on, you raced off to the SUV for the landing net. Even though one of your feet was heavily bandaged and you must have spent hours retrieving flies tangled up in the bushes behind us. Please don´t change the way you are!

Enrique Recasens Villanueva (Madrid, España)

Ivan Tarin, head of fishing guides

Head Guide IvánTarín is also a specialist in logistics. He spends about 4 months a year in Santa Cilia, 5 in Aren and another 2 to 3 months in Chile and Argentina.

Ivan Tarin, guía de pescaMy hobby and my job since 1995: Exploring, testing and guiding on trout waters covering different streams and lakes in Pyrenees, and Patagonia. It is an adventure that never stops!

IvánTarín´s fly fishing experience in the Pyrenees goes back to 1988. He organizes his team so that nothing is left to chance. 

His fishing philosophy entails living and learning each day. His open and straight forward way allied with the passion he feels for his work make him an outstanding guide. His patience and friendly tuition make him one of the most sought after instructors in the country.

Born in 1977 in Saragossa, which helps explain his love for the Pyrenees, Ivan began fly fishing when he was 11. He continued to improve through the SDPZ (Sociedad de Pescadores de Zaragoza) the first fly fishing club set up in the area. He took part in competitions from 1988 onwards.

From 1995 he began his professional activities in Huesca: Jaca, Biescas, Canfranc Station and now has two lodges in the villages of Santa Cilia and Aren that are used for operations from March to November. 

In 1995 Ivan started working as a guide in the Pyrenees. Two years later he founded SALVELINUS after scouting and testing local trout waters. 

Ivan Tarin, pesca a moscaFrom 1999 onwards SALVELINUS offers fly fishing trips in the Pyrenees from two lodges in different areas.

He is the Director of the SALVELINUS Fly Fishing School. The School´s friendly, relaxed instruction is a favourite with angler from all over the world.

Ivan´s love of fly fishing led him to scout and test many hitherto unexplored trout waters in Patagonia. Nowadays he divides his professional activities between the Pyrenees and Patagonia.

Since 2005 Ivan has explored and fished over 60 fly fishing venues in Chile and Argentina. As a result he heads a specialist travel company for fly fishing adventures in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina.

He personally accompanies small groups in organized trips to some of the most virgin locations in Patagonia. He works with some of the very best local guides in Patagonia.

Ivan helped set up CAPTUR 03 Fair, a key element in the launching of the Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Rural Tourism in Aragon. He is presently involved in aspects of habitat improvement through his work on the General Fishing Council of Aragon.

There is just one thing I like more than fly fishing: Guiding other people and taking care of the smallest detail of each fishing adventure. I look forward to sharing this unique fishing adventure with you.

Being a guide made him realize there was a major demand for learning fly fishing techniques. The Fly Fishing School he set up is based on an interesting philosophy about practice and results.