Fishing with Iván Tarín

An attentive, dynamicand untiring guide.

Fishing with Ivan Tarin

IvánTarín is the Head of the team of SALVELINUS guides. A passionate devotee of fly – fishing for trout in their natural surroundings and a firm believer in a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. Iván has built up an efficient team.

Guia de pescaIvánTarín has worked exclusively in SALVELINUS since 1999. Every year, from March to November he specialises in fly – fishing from two bases of operations which cover the PYRENEES from east to west.

 “areas which we have chosen because we think they are blue ribbon waters for fly – fishing anglers due to the variety of resources, miles of fishable waters and the  ease with which we can travel from one valley to another”

Iván personally accompanies groups of fly – fishing anglers on organised trips to PATAGONIA both in Chile as well as in Argentina. All the areas chosen have been previously inspected and the waters are considered to be among the best trout waters in the world.

“ Distinction in service, offering choice fly – fishing trips”

Ivan Tarin, guias de pescaIvánTarín is a specialist in a series of exceptional fly – fishing adventures, such as:

  • Fly – fishing tours in PATAGONIA – both in Chile and in Argentina
  • The Pyrenees Tour: Crossing the PYRENEES with fly rod from west to east.
  • Exploratory trips for the more adventurous anglers searching for new fly – fishing challenges.
  • Stalking trout – sight fishing for trophy trout
  • Expeditions to remote spots on horseback and by helicopter

From Iván´s point of view, working as a guide has opened up a new world where he can continue to enjoy fly – fishing a 100%

That is why he has decided to offer a instructional venture of demonstrated efficiency and quality in the world of fly – fishing via the FLY – FISHING SCHOOL which he represents:

“I get more satisfaction out of watching  others catch fish than catching them myself”

Iván listens to others before setting out the objectives to be achieved. He is happy when he sees pupils learn in a few days what others take a lifetime to learn.