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  • Fishing Package in Spain
  • Pyrenees fishing tour
  • Pyrenees fishing tour
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  • The Pyrenees Fishing Tour
  • Pyrenees fishing package tour
  • Fishing Package in Spain
  • Pyrenees fishing tour spain
  • Pyrenees fishing package tour Spain

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Fishing Package in SpainPyrenees fishing tourPyrenees fishing tourFishing guide spainThe Pyrenees Fishing Tour Pyrenees fishing package tourFishing Package in SpainPyrenees fishing tour spainPyrenees fishing package tour Spain
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On top of that, the sheer beauty of the scenery, the incredible local cuisine, the atmosphere at the lodges, the quality of the traditional hotels made this a memorable trip. I would recommend this trip to all those who want to discover and enjoy the Pyrenees: the fishing, the cuisine the culture and quality of Spanish wines. The climax to a trip that I will always treasure the memory of, was that dinner in a restaurant with views over Barcelona. We sat sipping some of the best wines I have ever tasted .

Scapini C. Varesse. ITALY

Discover the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees Tour is a powerful itinerary with real people in the most amazing mountains of Northern Spain; On your agenda, a selection of the very best hot spots for:

  • Nature and outdoors
  • Gastronomy and wine culture
  • Culture and historical heritage
  • Relax therapies
  • Bird watching
  • Fly fishing and
  • Other non conventional experiences “a la carte”

Non-anglers and anglers designed it. The program for the non-anglers is as complete and interesting as the program for  anglers.
Each Tour is tailor made for each guests according to his/her preferences. Depending on your preferences as described on post booking forms and personal interviews.

By Iván Tarín

Ivan Tarin, a recognized private travel designer has personally worked for many years on what is nowadays; the very best available experience in the Pyrenees Mountains.
Iván Tarín designs itineraries for those who are looking for outdoor experiences throughout the North of Spain. He has been guiding these first class Tours since 1999.

Traditional accommodation

SALVELINUS has chosen some great first class accommodation, located close to the spots we will be visiting in the itinerary.
Each location where we will be sleeping has a variety of gastronomy and cultural experiences available at the surroundings.
It could be Paradores or traditional country inns, monasteries and lodges. 
The 7 nights Tours, includes 2 types of accommodation.
The 9 nights tours includes 3.

Superb Gastronomy

Wines & tapas, secluded restaurants, surprising lunches in forests or by a river and every night, different menus and wine tasting sessions from various Spanish regions.
Delightful cuisine  on the route plus a selection of “vinos reserva” from the very best wine regions of Spain: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Priorat, Somontano and other areas for Grenache, Tempranillo or Parraleta, the native grape of the Pyrenees.


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