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 “Discover how to communicate effectively and how to teach casting and fishing” 

For most people fly-fishing is a hobby but for others it is a profession. Unfortunately, trying to obtain your first job as a fly-fishing guide is difficult. The world of fly-fishing guides is extremely competitive

Curso de guías de pescaThe Director of the SALVELINUS Courses for Guides is Iván Tárin who has a background of both international and national experience in guiding and instructing fly-fishing anglers.

Other instructors on the School for Guides are all experts in those different skills that form the core of the course.  

The courses are deliberately restricted in the number of places available so as to guarantee a quality instruction and interaction thus enhancing the possibilities of obtaining that all important first job.

Applicants must pass through a process of selection which reviews the applicant´s aptitude and attitude for the job aimed at.

As a guide you discover the joy of working in nature and earning top wages – averaging 2000 € with tips for a good guide working from a good lodge. This course is an investment for the future. The cost of the course can be paid off by working just three weeks.