Fly Fishing Kids Camp

Nature, friendship, local cuisine and fly fishing

We had a really great time this summer in the course and I really learnt a lot. I would recommend it for all the youngsters of my age cause you learn a lot. This summer we tied a fly with Carlos and we caught ten trout between the two of us in an afternoon.

This Christmas I´m going to ask for a fly rod and I would like your advice on the best rod for me.

Iván y Carlos Bretos (Huesca, SPAIN)

young school

Would you like to help youngsters participate in a healthy and enjoyable outdoor activity?

This summer youngsters are the focus of fly-fishing in the uniquely beautiful Pyrenees.

The activity will be supervised by an expert team of monitors in a safe and comfortable fishing lodge for youngsters on the banks of the river Aragón.


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The activity will take place in the Jacetania –a spectacular region in the heart of the Pyrenees of Aragon

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