• Learn while fishing

    Learn while fishing

    The essence of fly fishing

    Fly-fishing course in the Pyrenees

    Learn the key to fly – fishing in some of the best controlled trout waters of the Pyrenees in Spain.

  • fly-fishing sessions

    On the river

    Fly-fishing sessions

    School and fly-fishing guides

    Do you want to improve? Try our River School. Learn, enjoy yourself and catch fish.

  • Fly-fishing courses

    Practical courses

    Introduction to the art of fly-fishing

    Fly-fishing courses

    Another unsuccessful season? We can teach you in a weekend what it would take you half a lifetime trying to learn on your own.

  • Fly–fishing courses

    Efficient courses

    Fly–fishing courses

    Expert fly-fishing guides

    Realise your full potential by spending a few days at the SALVELINUS Fly – Fishing School and enjoy the results forever.

  • Fly-fishing for trout in the Pyrenees

    Father and son

    Fly-fishing courses

    Fly-fishing for trout in the Pyrenees

    "My son had the time of his life. He learnt a lot and caught fish. Our guide was both courteous and caring. The last day was superb. We encountered wild orchids on our climb and spotted two chamois!”

  • Fly-fishing camps

    Children - teenagers

    Fly-fishing camps

    The Pyrenees and fly-fishing in natural surround

    Every young angler has dreamt of going to a fly – fishing camp.

  • Fly-fishing School in Spain

    Experience and prestige

    Team of guides

    Fly-fishing School in Spain

    Guides/Instructors who – for many years - have taught on courses at all levels and all ages.

  • Fly-fishing School

    From march to november

    Calendar and centres

    Fly-fishing School

    Programme of courses that runs from March to November in Aragon and Catalonia.

  • Fly-fishing school

    Highly effective courses

    Fishing like a guide

    Fly-fishing school

    Fly – fishing from the very first day with the “Fishing Like a Guide: Intermediate” course The number of these courses taught has topped 200.

  • Fly-fishing like a guide

    Improve your technique


    Fly-fishing School

    Do you encounter difficulties when casting into the wind? Trying to present a long leader successfully? Casting a fly under overhanging branches? Choosing the right fly?

  • Fly-fishing courses

    Anglers with impaired mobility

    Fly-fishing courses

    Enjoy fly-fishing

    “They showed me that I could successfully fish from a chair – and they were right! I caught several trout.”

  • Rivers and lakes with wild trout

    Spectacular surroundings

    Our waters

    Rivers and lakes with wild trout

    “Being part of the world of fly – fishing with wild trout surrounded by stunning scenery is something SALVELINUS provides on a large scale.”

  • Fly fishing guide school

    Training for professionals

    School for guides

    Fly fishing guide school

    Why not turn your favourite hobby into a job?

  • Introduction to the art of fly tying

    Fly tying

    Introduction course

    Learn how to tie flies

    Learn how to tie you own flies in a few hours.

  • Expert fly-fishing guides

    Variety of waters

    Learn how to fish

    Expert fly-fishing guides

    A varied range of waters from lakes to rivers to help learn the entire different fly – fishing techniques.

  • Fishing for couples

    Fishing for couples

    Course for couples

    Trip and tourism in the Pyrenees

    “What memories. It was such a splendid evening to finish the  fly – fishing course on, a lot of trout and good company”

  • The best fly-fishing guides

    Personalised tuiton

    Personal training

    The best fly-fishing guides

    “It has been really very practical because we have corrected mistakes and learnt some new strategies in order to catch more and bigger fish on a next trip to Chile”

  • Fly-fishing School



    Fly-fishing School

    “… congratulate for the conservation you carry out, one of the most significant things you do.”

  • Fishing camp

    Fishing camp

    Fishing camp

    Courses and fly-fishing guides

    “…I would strongly urge other youngsters to go to the Fishing Campbecause I had a great time and learnt  a lot… we tied a fly ourselves and I caught 10 trout.”

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