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    Fly-fishing tours

    Entrust your angling time to SALVELINUS. You will catch more fish and have a great time!

  • Fly–fishing trips

    Great friends

    Feel at home

    Fly–fishing trips

    Book a fishing experience with us and return as a friend!

  • A passion for fly-fishing

    A passion for fly-fishing

    Tracking down the quarry


    A passion for fly-fishing from start to finish.

  • Expert fly-fishing guides

    Made to measure

    Fly-fishing destinations

    Expert fly-fishing guides

    Each fly – fishing place is chosen according to what you want. “You enquire and we will recommend”

  • Fly-fishing

    Great people

    Unspoilt habitats


    “SALVELINUS is an exceptional organisation in Spain. I have been an angler for 35 years and have never felt this affinity before”

  • Exclusive fly-fishing trips


    Fly-fishing with Iván Tarín

    Exclusive fly-fishing trips

    “That top quality experience is now for me the standard by which I will judge all my future fly – fishing trips”

  • Extreme fishing

    Extreme fishing

    Incredible places

    Fly fishing tours and adventures

    Fish with SALVELINUS in places where others have never been.

  • Fly-fishing  and tourism trips

    Great hosts

    Perfect holidays

    Fly-fishing and tourism trips

    "From the excellent fishing to the delicious meals SALVELINUS makes the Pyrenees a marvellous destination”

  • Fishing lodges in Spain

    Enchanting lodges

    Fishing lodge

    Fly fishing in the Pyrenees of Spain

    Enjoy your fly – fishing from start to finish.

  • Stalking trout

    Stalking trout

    Letters from anglers

    Fishing experiences

    “Rivers and their inhabitants were made for the contemplation of the wise and for  fools to ignore.”

  • Fly-fishing destinations



    Fly-fishing destinations

    Use your skills and craft to catch a trout and your intelligence to know what to do with it.

  • Fly-fishing trips and adventures

    Experts and enthusiasts

    A good guide

    Fly-fishing trips and adventures

    “...I have never fished before with such expert guides, so hard working and enthusiastic about their job...”

  • Fly-fishing specialists



    Fly-fishing specialists

    “The variety of waters and species plus a deep working knowledge of the habitat are the reasons for the success of SALVELINUS”

  • Fly-fishing in faraway places



    Fly-fishing in faraway places

    “...the philosophy of SALVELINUS is based on the search for clean wild waters and unspoilt habitats”

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